Dr. Michael Ohletz discusses IDT's dual source for automotive quality.

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Welcome to IDT Europe and welcome to the Automotive Center of Excellence at IDT Europe. I'm Michael Ohletz, the Vice President of IDT's Corporate Automotive Quality and I'm located at IDT's European headquarters in Dresden, Germany.
Today, I would like to talk about my second responsibility as General Manager, Automotive Operations here in Dresden. Security of supply is one of the major concerns in industry and the automotive industry in particular. After the disasters of the Thailand flooding and the consequences of the tsunami in Japan, as well as several other events like the earthquake in Taiwan, security of supply is an essential subject to avoid costly line downs.
The IDT Europe site has a long record of flawless automotive supply without any line stop incidences over the past decades even under tight allocations. At that point, I would like to thank our long time supply partners for their excellent collaboration and support which only is possible on the basis of mutual trust and faith. Thank You.
IDT Europe has recently been TS-16949 re-certified for development and manufacturing of mixed-signal integrated circuits. With these experienced engineering teams, IDT Europe supplied automotive products from serious test manufacturing and it has provided onsite automotive test manufacturing development, safe launch, and product maturity ramp-up and that's what IDT will continue to do so.
However, now being part of IDT, we have two serious test manufacturing sites, one in Europe in Dresden and one in Penang, Malaysia. The Penang site had been TS-16949 certified under 2010 and beginning 2016, we decided to re-certify the Penang site again to offer dual source volume test manufacturing capability and thus security of supply to our key customers.

Now out of two sites in two different regions, with great enthusiasm of the teams from IDT Penang and IDT Europe, this goal was achieved in only five months. Outstanding.
And my congratulations and thanks again to the two teams at this point. Well done. Now IDT has its own TS-16949 certified dual source volume test manufacturing capability in Asia and Europe. Currently, first products have been already transferred and the PCNs offering this service to IDT's key automotive customers has started. First beta tests from our customers have shown that this new capability is highly appreciated.
Thanks to all our customers for their trust and offered support. Newly developed strategic products will be qualified as dual source products from the very beginning. IDT Penang will mainly serve Asian demand whereas IDT Europe will focus on other demand and continue to be the European automotive safe launch and maturity ramp-up site for IDT automotive products. 
Thank you for your attention. And IDT automotive – driving quality.