ZL9101M Digital Power Module - Part 3

Added on 2月 28, 2012

The ZL9101M has three advanced thermal management features that ensure reliable power management and delivery.

Video Transcript

Effective thermal design is key to reliable power management and delivery. The ZL9101M digital power module has three advanced thermal management features.

The first key feature is a thick copper lead frame with efficiently extracts heat from the internal components. With as much as five times the copper of competitive products, we can get the heat out. The second key feature is a highly thermally conductive encapsulation compound. This compound distributes the heat so that there are no hotspots inside the part. And finally, with advanced efficiency enhancing digital algorithms and less lost parts, we simply generate less heat.

With less heat, better distribution of heat and an extra efficient heat extraction lead frame, you can be sure that this board will not overheat. So you can spend your time designing a complicated heat distribution structure or just pick a smarter IC, like the ZL9101M and simply place it on your board.