Added on April 24, 2012

The ISL9443 offers programmable soft-start and tracking functions for ease of supply rail sequencing and integrated UV/OV/OC/OT protections in a space conscious 5mmx5mm QFN package.

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Hello, I am Pengju Kong and I am now at APEC 2012 to demonstrate our Intersil product ISL9443 and ISL9444 synchronous buck controller with three outputs. This controller has unique features that do not need any external components for the compensation because it has internal compensation networks and they have a very strong driver to power 25A for each output.

What you can see here is the ISL9443 evaluation board. It's a very high power density evaluation board for three outputs. The ISL9444 evaluation board for three channels each channel can provide up to 25A at 5V output. The difference between these two ICs is that the ISL9444 provides an independent enable signal and independent power-good signal. The real applications for these two ICs are satellite set-top boxes, IP gateways and cable modems.