In recent years, low power consumption, noise reduction, convenience (HMI), and robustness (security) are important for printers for improving comfort and safety in the office environment. In addition to printers for home and office use, you can also see the emergence of new office equipment such as 3D printers. Renesas will continue to develop solutions and devices that meet market needs based on MCUs and SoCs that have been adopted by our customers.
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Position Control Solutions

BLDC motor position control solutions enable easy implementation of complicated BLDC motor control. They can reduce motor unit cost and shorten development TAT.

3D Printer

3D printers are attracting attention as the prices of personal hobby- use low-cost versions drop. Many low-cost 3D printers use the fused deposition modeling method and control 3D coordinates by controlling a plastic outputting head in 2D coordinates and controlling the height of the stage.

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 Motor Control

Renesas offers a broad range of devices, software, and tools, including a kit that can be used as a reference design — all specifically designed for motor control applications.