Power Supply

Renesas offers solutions for managing and controlling power supplies efficiently in many fields, from industrial to consumer electronics.

A power supply has the task of converting alternating current (AC) power or temporally variable direct current (DC) power to fixed-voltage DC power. Even a one percent improvement in conversion efficiency is directly linked to lower power consumption and energy saving.
Renesas offers PFC (power factor correction) ICs that employ critical interleaving mode and battery control ICs that detect the remaining battery level with high precision to help improve conversion efficiency

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Li-Ion Battery Management Solution

Renesas' lithium-ion battery management solution is built around a battery management IC that offers a low-power microcontroller and high-performance analog front end (AFE) in a single package, along with an evaluation board, sample software, and other tools to support the development of safe, secure, and high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

Power Supply for Air Conditioner

Because air conditioners operate at comparatively high power levels, a PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit is generally incorporated into the power supply.

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About Power Supply

All electronic and electric devices in the world around us require a power supply to run. To use an analogy, the power supply is like the foundation of a house. However, mostly it is taken for granted and not really given much thought, like air.

About PFC

A PFC (power factor correction) IC suppresses the peak power level by using harmonic control to utilize power efficiently, thus achieving energy savings. However, since the factors valued by customers' end products—efficiency, low spurious radiation, protective functions against malfunction, cost reduction through fewer parts—and the balance of these factors or power supply requirements differ, PFC ICs of a variety of specifications are needed. Renesas is PFC IC technology leader. With a wide variety of applications and a product lineup with specifications covering a broad power range, Renesas contributes to the realization of an energy-efficient society.