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Renesas semiconductor products recommended for wireless device-to-device and device-to-system connectivity technologies, and evaluation kits for these products, are available.

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Bluetooth® Low Energy

Bluetooth® low energy is an intelligent, ultra-low power version of Bluetooth wireless technology. The power-efficiency of Bluetooth low energy makes it perfect for battery powered applications.


Sub-gigahertz (sub-GHz) wireless communications1 technology uses waves around the 920 MHz band. With the proliferation of the Wi-SUN Alliance's international wireless communication standards, sub-GHz wireless communications are being rapidly adopted by the market.

LoRa® Solutions

LoRa is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) communications technology. It uses the sub-GHz frequency band of frequencies below 1 GHz, and can cover a wide area with low power consumption.

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 Bluetooth® Low Energy

Growth in IoT market has tremendously increased the installed base for BLE, and Renesas offers industry-leading solutions for this technology.

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Are you looking for a complete asset tracking solution from device to cloud?

How to Deploy a LoRa Network 
for your IoT Application

How to Deploy a LoRa Network for your IoT Application

Learn how to leverage the advantages of a LoRa network, the RX family of MCUs, an array of powerful sensors, and the Medium One cloud solution to send data over long distances to be monitored and analyzed in the Cloud in real-time.

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Building a Complete LoRa Network from Sensor to Cloud

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Building a Complete LoRa Network from Sensor to Cloud

Set up a complete LoRa-based asset tracking system from sensor to gateway to cloud with Renesas’ RX MCUs and Medium One.

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