Functional Safety Support Program for Industry

Renesas Electronics Corporation

“Functional safety” refers to the installation and implementation of functionalities on existing infrastructure, thus reducing danger to humans and the environment and maintaining a level of safety.
At Renesas, where we exert a great deal of effort and resources for industrial solutions, we have a variety of solutions to make your factory a more comfortable and safe environment. This demo however, introduces a support program for your company to be able to smoothly acquire functional safety standards certification.

By making full use of Renesas functional safety solutions, you can reduce the number of man-hours needed to obtain SIL certification by 70% in systems developed using our company’s microprocessors. This allows you to develop more secure value-added products that provide more added value to your company’s product lineup.
More specifically, we have two solutions in store for you: our “safety package” that includes self-diagnostic software and a safety manual for our company’s microprocessors, and “reference kit” for designing, fault forecasting, and diagnosing hardware and software that complies with documented safety specifications.

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Renesas’s holistic functional safety offerings make us a powerful ally that backs you up in your efforts to construct a functional safety system.

This video demonstrates how Renesas’s solutions provide support for hypothetical failure scenarios described in functional safety standards, and provides an easy-to-understand visual aid on their functions, performance, and degree of completion.

Added on 2018-04-25