This solution enables single-phase or three-phase induction motor inverter control (V/F control or vector control) using a microcontroller.

  • Motor control evaluation system for use with RL78/G14, RL78/G1G, RL78/ G1F, or RX62T.
  • Induction motor control software for the target microcontroller is available for download on the Renesas website.
    Note: A high-voltage inverter board and motor must be obtained separately by the customer.

Motor control

Target Motors, Devices, and Control Methods

Motor Rotor Output Control Method G14 G1F G1G
Three-phase induction motor Sensorless Vector control
Sensorless V/F control
Single-phase induction motor Sensorless V/F control

RL78/G14 CPU Cards

RL78/G14 CPU Card


Induction motor control for fans, pumps, compressors, etc., in HVAC units.