The combination of automotive timing and R-Car processor solutions provides high flexibility and efficiency in a small form factor. Target applications include infotainment and dashboard electronics, which can be enhanced with other product offerings such as power and sensor electronics.

Timing Key Features:

  • Low-jitter clocks suitable for high-speed interfaces (e.g. PCI-Express)
  • PCB and BOM reuse over many platforms through programmable timing configurations
  • Save on power, board space, and cost (vs. crystals and XOs) without compromising EMI
  • Qualify once to reuse in many applications
System Block Diagram

Automotive Infotainment and Dashboard

Winning Combinations

Renesas and IDT’s complementary product portfolios work together to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers. This is just the beginning, with the combination of the Renesas and IDT development teams, there will more integrated solutions that provide significant advantages over traditional solutions.

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