A lighting body control module is the generic module that can be used by all type of cars and commercial vehicles. It consists of 10 channel high side drivers which can be used to control various types of loads like headlamp, horn, stop lamps, turn indicators, etc. depending on customer requirements. All of the 10 channels have short circuit protection, over temperature protection and auto restart protection. It provides the battery voltage sensing, ignition/RPM ON/OFF sensing provision which can be used to customize the application as per the customers’ requirements. Five channels of this module are configured as BCM while the remaining five are configured as the lighting module. For BCM channels, loads will turn ON only if the ignition is turned ON with respective input signal provided. Flasher functionality with low load detection can be easily implemented, as it has a current sensing feature.

For the channels of the lighting module, output turns on directly if the ignition key is turned ON. The lighting control module can also be used as a replacement for a fuse box, as it has current sensing and short circuit protection, as well as an auto restart feature. As this board has the input for RPM sensing, an anti-cranking feature can be implemented with minor changes in the firmware in accordance to the customers’ requirements.

Block Diagram

Key Features
  • 10 channels high-side drivers to connect various types of load
  • 5 channels each are configured as BCM and Lighting Module respectively 
  • Loads will only turn ON when ignition key is being switched on
  • Short circuit, over temperature and auto restart protection
Recommended Products
  • Microcontroller: RL78/F13 (R5F10BGE)
  • IPD: UPD166034 (Single Channel) 
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