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Issue Date : Jan.26.18

Category : Others

Workbench6 Software (Ver.

Applicable Products

RX230, RX231



Software for Workbench6 touch evaluation tool (Ver.


Changes from Previous Version

What's changed from Ver. to Ver.

  • Added board monitor to tuning window and improved functionality.
  • Changed flow and usability of first step guide.
  • Added support for RX130 Group MCUs.
  • Added touch interface template.
  • Made touch measurement frequency selectable. (advanced setting for experts)
  • Improved tolerance to frequency switching noise. (advanced setting for experts)
  • Added support for e2 studio V6.2.0.
  • Added support for CS+ V6.01.00.
  • Fixed initialization processing for ports.
  • Fixed the issue that caused first step guide offset adjustment to fail.
  • Changed sensor compensation processing according to technical update TN-RX*-A168A/E (RX230 and RX231 Groups only).
  • Fix for precautions described in TN-RX*-A169A/E (RX231 Group).
  • Fixed the issue of compensation processing for variation not being carried out when the sensor counter is under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the issue with the API function that retrieves touch reference counter data (unused function).


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Workbench6 Software (Ver. 202.37 MByte