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Issue Date : Sep.11.19

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Workbench6 Software (Ver.

Applicable Products

RX230, RX231


Software for Workbench6 touch evaluation tool (Ver.
If CS+ is selected as the integrated development environment (IDE), the emulator will be E1.
If e2 studio is selected as the IDE, the emulator will be E1 and E2 emulator Lite.


The following notice is shown regarding the sample software output from Workbench6 (Prior to Ver1.07.00.00).
  • When system clock (ICLK) is set to a frequency higher than 12MHz for the RX130, RX230, RX231 groups, the code for the operating power control mode will not be created correctly.
  • There is an error in creation of the code when HOCO is used with the RX113 group.

Changes from Previous Version

What's changed from Ver. to Ver.

  • Added board monitor to tuning window and improved functionality.
  • Changed flow and usability of first step guide.
  • Added support for RX130 Group MCUs.
  • Added touch interface template.
  • Made touch measurement frequency selectable. (advanced setting for experts)
  • Improved tolerance to frequency switching noise. (advanced setting for experts)
  • Added support for e2 studio V6.2.0.
  • Added support for CS+ V6.01.00.
  • Fixed initialization processing for ports.
  • Fixed the issue that caused first step guide offset adjustment to fail.
  • Changed sensor compensation processing according to technical update TN-RX*-A168A/E (RX230 and RX231 Groups only).
  • Fix for precautions described in TN-RX*-A169A/E (RX231 Group).
  • Fixed the issue of compensation processing for variation not being carried out when the sensor counter is under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the issue with the API function that retrieves touch reference counter data (unused function).


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Workbench6 Software (Ver. 202.37 MByte