• Commencing with SSP 2.0.0, Renesas will no longer be distributing latest releases of GUIX Studio.
  • For SSP 2.0.0 and future SSP releases users can download the latest version of Azure RTOS GUIX Studio from the Microsoft App Store.
  • Older archived versions of GUIX Studio will continue to be available from the GUIX Studio download page on Synergy Gallery, however it’s strongly recommended that users don’t use the older versions of GUIX Studio for SSP 2.0.0 and future release.
  • Link for download page for older, archived releases of GUIX Studio for Synergy.
  • Users should be able to download the Azure RTOS tools from the Microsoft app store without a separate Microsoft account; however if prompted to create an account or sign-in, users can either sign-in using an existing account or choose the “No, Thanks” option to cancel the sign-in process and precede to the next step for downloading the tools.

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