The CAN communications time measurement solution is one feature of the CS+ integrated development environment. This solution measures the time taken in reception processing for CAN communications with the use of the E2 emulator and helps in the detection of problems at early stages.


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CAN reception processing time measurement (a feature for RH850 family)


The solution has three features to improve the efficiency of analysis regarding times taken in reception processing for CAN communications: easy measurement, No data overlooked, and quick analysis.

Easy measurement: Only requiring the E2 emulator and not extra measuring instruments.

The E2 emulator on its own can measure reception processing times, which are important in CAN communications, eliminating the need for an expensive dedicated CAN analyzer. The method of measurement is set up by simply using the supplied test lead to connect the E2 emulator to the MCU’s CAN data flows.

Easy measurement

No data overlooked: Stopping the program when the reception processing time exceeds the design value enables an increase in the efficiency of analysis.

If the time taken in reception processing for CAN communications exceeds the design value specified by a customer, the E2 emulator is able to stop the program.
The timing of stopping the program can optionally be set as [Reception processing], [Internal processing], or [Processing complete].

No data overlooked

Quick analysis: Visualizing the history of the CAN communications enables an increase in the efficiency of analysis.

You can quickly identify the sources of problems regarding CAN timing in programs by grasping the times measured at end points in CAN bus reception processing from the history of CAN communications and checking the trace data from the end points for measurement.


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