P9038-R-EVK Removing the Coil from the PCB

Here I have the P9038 wireless power transmitter board and I'm going to show you a feature of this board that allows you to break away the active circuit area from where the coil is mounted. You might want to do this is you plan to put your coil somewhere different from where your circuit board is going to be located. If you do plan to extend the leads going to the coil it's a good idea to just remove the coil first before you break the board in two. But if you don't plan to do that and you just need a little bit more play with the coil your welcome to break it with the coil attached. The board is scored right here so you just need to put it on the edge of a table. Put your palm on the active circuit and press down on the other side, and it'll come apart. Once you've separated the active circuit from where the coil is mounted you don't need this anymore. And you're left with a much smaller board that's easier to prototype with. All you need to do is reconnect your coil leads to the board and you're ready to go.