Why a platform?

Reduce Time

Accelerate Development

Because your MCU software development can begin immediately at the API level, you don’t have to spend your precious time doing repetitive non-differentiating work at the lower levels. Instead, focus on innovating and differentiating your own end-product above the API. All support comes from one vendor — Renesas. No finger-pointing, no wasting time.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Creating and maintaining professional-grade microcontroller software at lower levels is very expensive over the lifetime of a product — especially when RTOS, networked communications, graphics, or specialty functions are required. These are included in the Synergy Platform, and the list continues to grow with your needs — all qualified and maintained by Renesas.

Lower Cost

Lower Barriers

Lower Barriers to Entry

There’s nothing to hold you back. Be agile. Test new market opportunities. There are virtually no up-front costs for full use of Synergy Software or Synergy Tools — it’s included in the price of any Synergy Microcontroller. No fees, no royalties. One-click licensing means downloads in minutes.