Archived SSP Platform Installer - e2 studio

Archived SSP Platform Installer - e2 studio



Platform Installer for SSP and e2 studio.


The Platform Installer - e2 studio installs the compatible versions of e2 studio, SSP, GUIX Studio, GCC ARM compiler, Segger J-Link DLL and SSP User Manual.


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Version 1.5.0

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2018-10-10

MD5: 0bbe22f44d19690d41e6e8232cea2262


What's New?

The Platform Installer release for SSP v1.5.0 and e2 studio v6.2.1 will install the following:

  • e2Studio v6.2.1
  • SSP v1.5.0
  • GUIX Studio v5.4.1.1
  • GCC ARM compiler
  • Segger J-Link DLL
  • SSP User Manual for SSP v1.5.0

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