Floodgate Security Framework (FSF)

Floodgate Security Framework (FSF)

Security framework to build secure, authenticated, trusted embedded devices, and to protect against attacks and intrusions.


Providing the building blocks for achieving compliance with EDSA, ISA/IEC 62443, and NIST Cybersecurity guidelines, the Floodgate Security Framework (FSF) includes management system integration features for Information Technology/Operational Technology (IT/OT) convergence. It also offers security capabilities to ensure the device is protected from attack.


The framework includes a Secure Boot facility to ensure that only authorized firmware is executed on a device by using signed, validated code to create a cryptographically signed image to load on the device. The image is validated by the secure boot process integrated into the bootloader on the device. This ensures that only authenticated code signed by the OEM is allowed to run on the device. Secure boot protects against attempts to modify the device firmware or reprogram with malicious firmware.


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Version 3.0.2

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2015-02-04

MCUs Supported: S7G2

MD5: ee7db9d15398a72fb2e62fb87e78f663


What's New?

This version provides secure boot for the Renesas Synergy™ platform.

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