Percepio Tracealyzer™ for Renesas Synergy™

Percepio Tracealyzer™ for Renesas Synergy™

Percepio AB

Categories: Development

Generates a graphical analysis of real-time system behavior using trace information from the ThreadX® RTOS.


Visualize runtime behavior of Synergy Software with the Percepio Tracealyzer™ graphical analysis tool and understand real-time system characteristics with over 25 graphical views for analyzing trace data collected by ThreadX®. Eliminate the need for a high-end trace debugger with the lightweight trace library included in the ThreadX® RTOS kernel.


See kernel events like context-switches and ISRs as well as middleware events from the NetX™, FileX® and USBX™ stacks. Track system statistics, including CPU load, and utilization of kernel objects such as message queues.