ARIS Edge Kit

ARIS Edge Kit

ARIS EDGE is a IoT evaluation & development board based on the Renesas Synergy S124 MCU Group.


The following software examples are available for the ARIS EDGE kit

  • the Board Support Package for the ARIS EDGE kit
  • Sensor demo, periodic sampling of on-board sensors and data publishing over BLE to smartphone app.
  • 3D demo, high-frequency sampling of on-board 9-DOF inertial sensor, illustrated by rotating an image on a smatphone app connected via BLE.
  • Mesh demo, multiple ARIS EDGE boards connected on a Thread network. One ARIS board acts as a gateway to internet via Wi-Fi, with monitoring trough web-based dashboards

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Version 1.0

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2017-10-20

MCUs Supported: S124

MD5: 05a21feace33f53f57a47ba244d20733


What's New?

First release

Installation Instructions

Installation instructions are available on the Arrow download site