The HM-6617/883 is a 16, 384-bit fuse link CMOS PROM in a 2K word by 8-bit/word format with "Three-State" outputs. This PROM is available in the standard 0. 600 inch wide 24 pin SBDIP, the 0. 300 inch wide slim SBDIP, and the JEDEC standard 32 pad CLCC. The HM-6617/883 utilizes a synchronous design technique. This includes on-chip address latches and a separate output enable control which makes this device ideal for applications utilizing recent generation microprocessors. This design technique, combined with the Renesas advanced self-aligned silicon gate CMOS process technology offers ultra-low standby current. Low ICCSB is ideal for battery applications or other systems with low power requirements. The Renesas NiCr fuse link technology is utilized on this and other Renesas CMOS PROMs. This gives the user a PROM with permanent, stable storage characteristics over the full industrial and military temperature voltage ranges. NiCr fuse technology combined with the low power characteristics of CMOS provides an excellent alternative to standard bipolar PROMs or NMOS EPROMs. All bits are manufactured storing a logical "0" and can be selectively programmed for a logical "1" at any bit location.


  • This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to MIL-STD- 883 and is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1.2.1.
  • Low Power Standby and Operating Power
  • ICCSB 100µA
  • ICCOP 20mA at 1MHz
  • Fast Access Time 90/120ns
  • Industry Standard Pinout
  • Single 5.0V Supply
  • CMOS/TTL Compatible Inputs
  • High Output Drive 12 LSTTL Loads
  • Synchronous Operation
  • On-Chip Address Latches
  • Separate Output Enable
  • Operating Temperature Range -55°C to +125°C




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