This family of CMOS analog switches offers low resistance switching performance for analog voltages up to the supply rails and for signal currents up to 80mA. ON resistance is low and stays reasonably constant over the full range of operating signal voltage and current. rON remains exceptionally constant for input voltages between +5V and -5V and currents up to 50mA. Switch impedance also changes very little over temperature, particularly between 0°C and 75°C. rON is nominally 25Ω for HI-5049 and HI-5051 and 50Ω for HI-5042 through HI-5047. All devices provide break-before-make switching and are TTL and CMOS compatible for maximum application versatility. Performance is further enhanced by Dielectric Isolation processing which insures latch-free operation with very low input and output leakage currents (0. 8nA at 25°C). This family of switches also features very low power operation (1. 5mW at 25°C). There are 7 devices in this switch series which are differentiated by type of switch action and value of rON (see Functional Description Table). The HI-504X and HI-505X series switches can directly replace IH-5040 series devices, and are functionally compatible with the DG180 and DG190 family.


  • Wide Analog Signal Range ±15V
  • Low "ON" Resistance 25Ω
  • High Current Capability 80mA
  • Break-Before-Make Switching
  • Turn-On Time 370ns
  • Turn-Off Time 280ns
  • No Latch-Up
  • Input MOS Gates are Protected from Electrostatic Discharge
  • DTL, TTL, CMOS, PMOS Compatible
  • Pb-Free Available (RoHS Compliant)




  • High Frequency Switching
  • Sample and Hold
  • Digital Filters
  • Operational Amplifier Gain Switching


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