The Renesas integrated development environment, or the High-performance Embedded Workshop, supports Tcl/Tk Version 8.4.4. Tcl/Tk is comprised of a class member "Tcl" of script language (Tool Command Language) and the "Tk" (Tool Kit) used to program a graphical user interface. Use of Tcl/Tk helps to create appropriate GUIs that suit the development environment, in addition to the functions and GUIs supplied by the High-performance Embedded Workshop, thereby extending the development environment further.


The High-performance Embedded Workshop offers a Console window that supports Tcl/Tk programming and a GUI window.

Tcl/Tk startup screen

Usage and a list of commands

The Console window of the High-performance Embedded Workshop permits Tcl/Tk programming to be performed in interpreter mode or script file load mode.

Interpreter mode
Tcl/Tk commands are executed by entering them directly in the Console window.
Script file load mode
A Tcl/Tk script file created beforehand is loaded and executed in the Console window.

During programming with Tcl/Tk, various commands supported in the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment can be used. By using Tcl/Tk and these commands in combination, it is possible to create GUIs that control the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment.

[Example of High-performance Embedded Workshop Usable in Tcl/Tk]

  • Execution relevance
  • Download relevance
  • Register relevance
  • Memory relevance
  • Assemble/Disassemble relevance
  • Break relevance
  • Trace relevance
  • Coverage relevance
  • Performance measurement relevance
  • Script/log file relevance
  • Map relevance
  • Simulation configuration relevance
  • Standard I/O and file I/O relevance
  • Utility relevance
  • Projects and Workspace relevance

The usable commands of the High-performance Embedded Workshop differ with the target MCU for which the simulator and emulator are used. For details on how to use, refer to Tcl/Tk Application Notes.

Basic Sample Programs

Basic Tcl/Tk sample programs are supplied from Renesas. Use these samples to understand the basic method of programming.

Tcl sample program
This sample program uses the basic commands of Tcl. Download (Tcl sample program)
Tk sample program
This sample program uses the basic commands of Tk. Download (Tk sample program)

Tk sample program images

Sample control program

A Tcl/Tk sample program to control the High-performance Embedded Workshop is supplied from Renesas. It creates a GUI with Tcl/Tk to control the High-performance Embedded Workshop.

[Conceptual image of a sample control program]

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