To check the version number, follow the procedure below.

[CS+ for CC Common Program] or [CS+ for CA,CX Common Program]

  1. Start "CS+ for CC" or "CS+ for CA,CX."
  2. From the Help menu, select the About command.
  3. In the version information dialog box which is then displayed, check the version number of "CS+ for CC" or "CS+ for CA,CX."

Although the words "Common Program" are not displayed, the version number shown is that of the common program.

[Update Manager]

  1. Start the Update Manager.
  2. The version information of the Update Manager appears on the bottom left of the screen.


  1. Open "Programs and Features" from the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Check the version number of the component of interest in the program list.

The version number is represented in a form such as V2.00.0191. Ignore the last two digits displayed, e.g. 91 in this case.