100V, 3A Source, 4A Sink, High-Frequency Half-Bridge NMOS FET Drivers with HI/LI Input


The HIP2211EVAL3Z and HIP2211EVAL2Z boards are designed to provide a quick and comprehensive method for evaluating the HIP2211 100V, 3A source, 4A sink, high-frequency half-bridge driver for driving the gates of two N-channel MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration. Two N-channel MOSFETs (with dual footprint supporting multiple packages such as TO220 and DPAK) and an inductor-capacitor LC filter are included on the evaluation boards to allow for the evaluation of a half-bridge driven load such as a synchronous buck switching regulator.

The HIP2211 half-bridge driver is offered in an 8 Ld SOIC, 8 Ld DFN or 10 Ld DFN package (with enhanced thermal EPAD). The HIP2211EVAL3Z evaluation board is designed for the 10 Ld DFN package. The 8 Ld DFN package can fit on this board as well. The HIP2211EVAL2Z evaluation board is designed for the 8 Ld SOIC package. Both boards operate from a supply voltage of 6V to 18V DC with the capability of driving both the high-side and the low-side MOSFETs in a 100V half-bridge configuration.

Key Features

  • 3A source and 4A sink NMOS gate drivers
  • Internal level shifter and bootstrap diode for gate driver on high-side NFET
  • Up to 100V high-side bootstrap reference
  • 6V to 18V bias supply operation
  • Fast 15ns typical propagation delay and 2ns typical propagation delay match supports up to 1MHz operation


  • Telecom half-bridge and full-bridge DC/DC converters
  • 3-phase BLDC motor driver; H-bridge motor driver
  • Two-switch forward and active clamp converters
  • Multiphase PWM DC/DC controllers
  • Class-D amplifiers

HIP2211EVAL3Z Half-Bridge Driver Evaluation Board

HIP2211EVAL3Z Half-Bridge Driver Evaluation Board

HIP2211EVAL2Z Half-Bridge Driver Evaluation Board

HIP2211EVAL2Z Half-Bridge Driver Evaluation Board

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HIP2211EVAL3Z Mass Production Renesas $49.00 1 0 Call -
HIP2211EVAL2Z Mass Production Renesas $49.00 1 5 Avnet -
5 Digi-Key
44 Mouser

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