Small, Low Power, Current-Output Ambient Light Photo Detect IC

Product Status: Mass Production


The ISL29006, ISL29007, and ISL29008 are light-to-current silicon optical sensors combining a photodiode array and a current amplifier on a single monolithic IC. The photodiodE's spectral sensitivity approximates the human eye response peaking at 550nm with virtually no infrared (IR) response.

Exposed to light, these light sensors give current outputs that are linearly proportional to the light intensity. The output of ISL29006 is configured as a current source, and the output of ISL29007 is configured as a current sink. Both ISL29006 and ISL29007 offer an EN pin that can be used for a polling scheme to extend the battery life of portable devices.

The ISL29008 has dual outputs simultaneously sinking and sourcing current. With output currents at opposite polarity, it can simultaneously control two light sources/drivers that have incongruent illumination requirement depending on ambient light conditions. For example, at bright ambient light levels, display backpanels need more intensity while the keyboard illumination needs to be dimmer, whereas at darker ambient light levels, display backpanels need less intensity while the keyboard illumination needs to be brighter.

By connecting an external resistor from ISRC to GND or from ISNK to VDD, the current output can be converted into voltage output.

Housed in an ultra-compact 2mmx2.1mm ODFN clear plastic package, this device is excellent for power saving control function in cell phones, PDAs and other handheld applications.


  • 0.5 lux to 10,000 lux range
  • 1.8V to 3.6V supply range
  • Low supply current (3.5µA @ 100 lux)
  • Fast response time
  • Close to human eye response
  • IR Rejection
  • Internal dark current compensation
  • Lux to current source or/and sink
  • Excellent output linearity of luminance
  • 6 Ld ODFN: 2mmx2.1mmx0.7mm
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)


 Block Diagram


Basic Information
Production Status
Mass Production
Peak Spectral Sensitivity
550 nm
VS (min)
1.8 V
VS (max)
3.6 V
Supply Current @ EV =100Lux
3.5 µA
Lux Range (max) (lux)
Output Current @ EV=100Lux
1.65 µA
Dark Current @ Ev=0Lux
0.22 nA
Rise Time (μs)
27 @ 1000Lux
Fall Time (μs)
233 @ 1000Lux
Delay Time, Rising Edge (μs)
209 @ 1000Lux
Delay Time, Falling Edge (μs)
30 @ 1000Lux
Package Dimensions (mm)
Pb Free?
Enable Pin?
Qualification Level
Can Sample
Temperature Range
-40 to +85

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