Renesas' SenseVerse SVR4414 IC is a high-resolution MIMO radar device targeted for industrial, infrastructure, and autonomous applications. Operating in the 76 to 81GHz frequency band, the device supports the highest number of channels with the best noise figure and power consumption in the industry and offers superior reliability based on the optimal combination of RF and digital macros for radar processing.

With integrated multi-channel high-resolution ADCs, VCOs, PLL, PAs, LNAs, phase shifters, and signal processing accelerators, the SVR4414 enables OEMs to significantly reduce the overall system cost, footprint, and power consumption. With the support of multi-device aggregation, ultra-wide bandwidth, and MIMO processing, the SVR4414 provides best-in-class angular resolution and range in a very small form factor for imaging radar applications.


  • Highest link budget - 19 dBm transmit power with precision beam steering
  • High-speed vehicle detection - 8 dB noise figure receivers with integrated 100 MSPS ADC
  • Reduced data transfer time - Hardware engines for radar data conditioning and compression
  • Real-time application development - 14 Gbps data interface



  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Autonomous

Design & Development