Renesas offers highly integrated multi-channel system power management solutions to meet the performance, efficiency, and feature requirements of next-generation portable and fixed electronics. The Renesas PMIC solutions help system designers reduce bill-of-materials (BOM), overcome thermal dissipation challenges, simplify PCB routing, and improve monitoring and control capabilities.

Intelligent, Scalable, Distributed Power Management for Portable Multi-core Processors

The Renesas P91E0A is a scalable, programmable, multi-channel PMIC solution specifically designed to support the power management requirements of next-generation Intel® Atom™ SoC (22nm and smaller). The P91E0A supports Renesas' patented intelligent, scalable, distributed power sources, enabling system designers to increase the PMIC’s output current capability to meet the demands of the application. The companion Renesas P9148A external power sources provide up to 6A of additional peak current each. This feature minimizes development risk by ensuring that the PMIC solution is capable and optimized to meet the SoC’s evolving power requirements. In addition, the modular nature of the add-on power modules offers tremendous flexibility for point-of-load regulation, circuit board routing, and thermal distribution.

Download: Highly-Integrated PMIC for Enterprise SSD and Computing Applications (PDF)

Learn more about Renesas' patented Intelligent, Scalable, Distributed Power Technology.

SoC Processor PMICs

Renesas offers a wide range of highly integrated PMICs designed to support various advanced application processors and SoCs providing all power management for embedded, industrial, consumer, and automotive infotainment devices. The highly integrated PMIC solutions offer a wide selection of supply domains and include additional features like RTC, ADC, GPIO, and power sequencing control.

Optimized Power Tree Solutions, Combining System PMICs and Sub-PMICs

Combining a Renesas system PMIC with one or more sub-PMICs creates highly optimized power solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding processor systems. High-current and high-efficiency converters satisfy the power requirements of the latest multi-core application processors, use low-profile inductors, and lower the overall system cost. Renesas' patented SmartMirror™ LDO regulator technology manages power consumption more efficiently.


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