The IDTP9120-EVAL is an evaluation board for the IDTP9120 - Programmable Triple Channel PMIC as well as the compatible IDTP9122 - Programmable Dual Channel PMIC. The board provides all necessary connections to evaluate the device features and performance. The integrated load resistor assembly with load switch FET and various test connectors allow for easy transient response testing. The board can be connected to the optional USB-BRIDGEV2-EVAL adapter to program the internal configuration memory of the PMIC via Graphical User Interface (GUI). For that purpose, the board is populated with the "unconfigured" option of the IDTP9120 (IDTP9120-00NBGI).


  • Evaluation board including the IDPT9120-00NBGI PMIC
  • Operates from a single supply  3.3 V or 5 V
  • Fully assembled with test points and stand-offs
  • Switch array to set device inputs
  • USB to I2C dongle board interface for GUI PC connectivity
  • Optional software tool to monitor operation and programming
  • On-board load resistors configurable for static and dynamic load operation.
  • Fully assembled 4 layer PCB



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