The PV88090 features a dual-phases buck converter providing a total of 9.5A current supplies for the CPUs (1.0/1.2V). PV88090 contains 2x single-phase buck converters generating DDR memory (1.5V) and auxiliary supply. The 2x LDO regulators to generate the EMMC (1.8V) supply from an intermediate 3.6V supply and the analog core supply (1.05V/1.2V) from the 1.5V output of the memory buck during normal mode and from 3.6V during standby mode.

The passive devices of the buck converters are fully integrated. There are three buck converters generating the supplies for CPUs, DDR memory and auxiliary functions in typical applications. The pass devices of the buck converters are fully integrated, so no external FETs or Schottky diodes are needed. This results in optimized power efficiency and a reduced external component count.

PV88090 provides Dynamic Voltage Control (DVC) to support adaptive adjustment of the supply voltage dependent on the processor load via direct register write through the I2C communication. All power blocks have overcurrent circuit protection and the start-up timing can be controlled through the I2C interface. Soft start-up limits the inrush current from the input node and secures a slope-controlled activation of the rail. The PV88090 is available in a 30-pin QFN package and is specified from –40 °C to 85 °C ambient temperature.


  • 3 DC/DC buck converters with programmable output voltage
    • 9.5A dual-phase Buck1 with Dynamic Voltage Control
    • 2.0A single-phase Buck2
    • 2.4A single-phase Buck3
  • 2 Programmable LDO Regulators with High PSRR
    • 400mA LDO1
    • 250mA LDO2
  • VIN 4.75V to 5.25V
  • Power sequence setting by inter programmer
  • Power manager with programmable sequencing and adjustable soft-start
  • I2C compatible Interface
  • -40 °C to +85 °C ambient temperature range
  • Package: QFN30 (4.5mm x 7mm, 0.5mm pin pitch), package with the thermal pad



  • Supply for digital television processors
  • Power supply for digital set-top boxes (STB)
  • Home networking products


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