The iW610 digital synchronous rectifier controller works with all Renesas AC/DC converters and any flyback converter topology, including quasi-resonant (QR), Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) and active clamp flybacks (ACF) operating in both DCM and CCM modes. The iW610 also works with resonant LLC converters. The device can be configured to operate in a low-side or high-side configuration without needing an external auxiliary winding. This enables the flexible configuration of the rectifier and the magnetics for the flyback design without adding cost when used in the high-side configuration.

The iW610 can sense up to 140V on the high-voltage drain of the MOSFET rectifier, which enables output voltage ranges from up to 28V without any external clamping circuitry.


  • Optimized for multiple flyback topologies, including QR, ZVS, ACF, and supports both CCM and DCM modes
  • Supports resonant LLC converters
  • High-side configuration without an auxiliary winding
    • Proprietary VVCC charging topology
  • Support low-side configuration
  • Broad output voltage range: 3V to 28V
  • Lossless VDS sensing circuit and driving control
  • Small, 6-pin SOT23 package




  • Compact AC/DC adapters/chargers for smartphones and tablets, including RapidCharge™ and Direct Charge
  • High-power AC/DC converters for industrial applications
  • TV and monitor power supplies


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