The RAA223021 is a universal input AC/DC switching regulator with ultra-low standby power that  features a 700V integrated MOSFET capable of delivering up to 8W output power in buck mode, and up to 12W in flyback mode. It supports output voltage as low as 3.3V without additional LDO.

The 700V AC/DC regulator supports multiple topologies such as buck, primary-side-regulated flyback, and secondary-side-regulator flyback.

The RAA223021 combines constant off-time control for heavy load and Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) for light-load operation. Constant off-time controls switching frequency above the audible frequency of approximately 50kHz. PFM eliminates any potential audible noises while offering  superior light-load efficiency and ultra-low power consumption (< 20mW at no load). Efficiency is achieved up to 80%. The built-in frequency dithering further reduces the EMI noise spectrum.

The RAA223021 also features input brownout protection that prevents input circuitry from the overcurrent at low input voltage, and hiccup protections for output fault conditions such as short-circuit, overload, and open feedback.

The RAA223021 is available in an SOIC8-7 package.


  • Ultra low standby power (< 20mW)
  • No audible noise
  • Low quiescent current (< 100μA)
  • Output voltage as low as 3.3V
  • Low EMI with frequency dithering
  • SOC8-7 package
  • Programmable PFM allows optimization of COUT for various standby power requirements
  • Protection features: Short-Circuit Protection (SCP), Overload Protection (OLP), Open Feedback Protection, and Over-Temperature Protection (OTP).


  • Home appliances
  • Home automation, IoT, and sensors
  • Metering and Industry control
  • Bias power


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star RAA223021 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 920 KB
RAA223021 Design Spreadsheet Tool rev 1 Other XLSX 982 KB
RAA223021 AC Analysis 230Vac-12V iSim:PE Model Schematic WXSCH 232 KB
RAA223021 Overload 12V iSim:PE Model Schematic WXSCH 223 KB
RAA223021 Short Circuit 12V iSim:PE Model Schematic WXSCH 221 KB
RAA223021 Startup 230Vac-12V iSim:PE Model Schematic WXSCH 220 KB
RAA223021 Transient 230Vac-12V iSim:PE Model Schematic WXSCH 218 KB


memoryBoards & Kits

Part Number Title Type Company
RTKA223021DE0010BU RAA223021 High Voltage Flyback Converter Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas
RTKA223021DE0000BU RAA223021 High Voltage Buck Converter Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas