Renesas' Simple Digital Power Modules provide reliable power for FPGAs, ASICs, DSPs, and microprocessors. They leverage the advantages of a digitally-controlled power supply while eliminating the need to store operating parameters in non-volatile memory. Configuration is instead performed through pin-strap resistor selection, while a PMBus interface is also available for run-time configuration and telemetry.

Key Features

  • Renesas’ proprietary ChargeMode™ control architecture responds to a transient load step in a single switching cycle, reducing output capacitance, cost and board space. It also eliminates external compensation components and accommodates aging of external passive components.
  • Advanced HDA packaging technology provides excellent thermal performance over a wide range of operating temperatures without the need for airflow or a heat sink.
  • Online design support tools, including PowerNavigator™, PowerCompass™ and SIMPLIS models, lead to fast time-to-market powertrain development and optimization.

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PowerNavigator Software

Use the PowerNavigator GUI to setup and configure supported digital power devices.

Drivers & Downloads

Download software and drivers for evaluating and configuring digital power products.

RAA210xxx Family Key Differences

Part Number Description VIN Range (V) ​​​VOUT Range (V) ​​​IOUT Range (A) Pin-Compatible Full Digital Power Module Device
RAA210825 25A DC/DC single channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 5 25 ISL8277M (25A)
RAA210833 33A DC/DC single channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 5 33 ISL8278M (33A)
RAA210850 50A DC/DC single channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 5 50 ISL8272M (50A)
RAA210870 70A DC/DC single channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 2.5 70 ISL8273M (80A)
RAA210925 25A/25A DC/DC dual channel Power Module 4.5 - 14 0.6 - 5 25/25 ISL8274M (Dual 30A)

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Simple Digital Power Modules

The easy-to-use RAA210xxx simple digital power modules offer telemetry, configuration, and highest power density and efficiency for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, and memory.


The PowerCompass™ tool helps you start your design in the right direction, giving you tools to find Renesas parts that match your requirements, set up multiple rails if needed, perform high-level system analysis and generate reference design files.

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