Based on Aurora’s proprietary SI/PI verification platform that incorporates the industrial leading-edge simulation softwares, our service ensures simulation accuracy and fast turn-around time. Some RZ devices have high-speed parallel memory interfaces (DDR4/LPDDR4) and high-speed serial interfaces (USB, MIPI), Aurora’s Signal Integrity(SI) simulation services make sure your PCB design meets the RZ PCB verification guide as well as each interface’s specifications. Also, the RZ devices series has a verification guide for power-supply and Aurora’s Power Integrity (PI) simulation services verify your PCB design meets the guide.


  • Ensure your PCB design meets RZ Series PCB verification guide and interface specifications
    • High-Speed Parallel Interface Analysis – DDR3/DDR4/DDR5/LPDDR4/LPDDR5/ONFI
    • High-Speed Serial Interface Analysis – PCI Express/HDMI/MIPI/USB/Ethernet/…
    • Low-Speed General Purpose I/F Analysis – I2C/SPI/I2S/…
    • Power Integrity Analysis – AC/DC/Transient Analysis, Decap Optimization
    • Thermal Analysis / EMI Analysis



  • IoT Applications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computing Infrastructure
  • Industrial Controls
  • Smart Buildings
  • HMI
  • Communication


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