Spada is a versatile HMI platform featuring pre-developed building blocks, customizable to meet application needs, optimize performance, and match the client’s cost requirements.

NTX offers end-to-end design services to manufacturing expertise for rapid product launch -  UI/UX, touch screen solutions, application software, middleware, controls firmware, mechanical, and system board-level design.


  • Renesas RZ/G MPU powered HMI platform
  • High-quality TFT display
    • 50,000 hours
    • 1,000 cd/m2 available
    • Various display sizes
  • Multi-touch, high durability touch screens
  • An extensive set of peripherals and I/Os
  • Designed to meet various UL and IEC standards
  • Fit-Form-Function customizable for OEM designs


  • Food service equipment
  • Industrial automation
  • Kiosks/Signage
  • Security and access control
  • Energy service equipment
  • Medical


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