It is now possible to realize energy harvesting IoT equipment utilizing a minuscule amount of environmental power generation (e.g., light, vibrations and flow rate). This is done by using an embedded controller that utilizes the RE Family and nichicon small Li-ion rechargeable battery.


  • SLB series of small Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries achieve both high power density and high energy density
  • Rapid charge/discharge: High input/output density approaching electric double layer capacitors
  • Long life: Maintain a capacity of at least 80% after 25,000 charging/discharging cycles
  • Safety: Extremely low possibility of explosion or ignition even when used under harsh conditions
  • Low temperatures: Possible to use in cold regions (-30deg.C)


  • Smart Home
  • Smart Factories
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Disaster Detection
  • Fixed Point Observation
  • Condition Monitoring


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