The UPD79F7023/7024 are OPA: 2ch, CMP: 1ch and 20pin SSOP products.

These products are most suitable for smoke sensor, fire detector and accessory household appliances.

Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup

UPD79F7023/7024-Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup

Block Diagram

Key Features

  • 78K0 CPU core
  • I/O ports,ROM and RAM capacities
Products/Item I/O ports Program Memory
(Flash Memory)
Data Memory
(Internal High-Speed RAM)
μPD79F7023 16(CMOS I/O:13,CMOS input :3) 8 KB 512 bytes
μPD79F7024 16 KB 768 bytes
  • Low power consumption
    • Internal high-speed oscillation mode: 140 μA (TYP.) (at fCPU = 1 MHz operation)
    • STOP mode : 2.0 μA(TYP.)(at VDD = 5.0 V)
  • Clock
    • High-speed system clock...Selected from the following three sources
      • Ceramic/crystal oscillator : 1 to 10MHz
      • External clock : 1 to 10MHz
      • Internal high-speed oscillator: 4MHz ± 3 %(TA = −40 to+85°C),4 MHz ± 2 %(TA = −20 to+70 °C)
  • Low-speed system oscillator 240kHz ± 10 % ...Watchdog timer, time clock in intermittent operation
  • Power-on-clear (POC) circuit
  • Low-voltage detector (LVI) (An interrupt/reset (selectable) is generated when the detection voltage is reached))
    • Detection voltage: Selectable from eleven levels between 2.7 and 4.24 V
  • Single-power-supply flash memory
    • Flash self programming enabled
    • Software protection function: Protected from outside party copying (no flash reading command)
  • Safety function
    • Watchdog timer operated by clock independent from CPU...A hang-up can be detected even if the system clock stops
    • Supply voltage drop detectable by LVI...Appropriate processing can be executed before the supply voltage drops below the operation voltage
    • Equipped with option byte function...Important system operation settings set in hardware
  • Timer
    • 16 bit timer/event counter...PPG output, capture input, external event counter input
    • 8 bit timer H …PWM output, operable with low-speed internal oscillation clock
    • 8 bit timer/event counter 5 …External event counter input
    • Watchdog timer …Operable with low-speed internal oscillation clock
Product/Item 16 bit timer/Event counter 8 bit timer Watchdog timer
μPD79F7023 1 ch Timer H:1 ch 1  ch
μPD79F7024 Timer 5:1 ch
  • Serial interface
    • UART... Asynchronous 2-wire serial interface
Product/Item UART
μPD79F7023 1 ch
  • 8 bit resolution A/D conversion: 5 ch
  • Operational amplifier: 2 ch
  • Compiler: 1 ch
  • On-chip debug function …Available to control for the target device, and to reference memory
  • Assembler and C language supported
  • Development tools...Support for simplified emulator (MINICUBE2)
  • Power supply voltage: VDD = 2.7 to 5.5 V
  • Operating ambient temperature:TA =–40 to +85°C

Outline of Functions

Item μPD79F7023 μPD79F7024
Internal Memory Flash memory
(self-programming supported)
8 KB 16 KB
High-speed RAM 512 bytes 768 bytes
Memory space 64 KB
Main High-speed system
(crystal/ceramic oscillation,
external clock input)
1 to 10 MHz:VDD = 2.7  to 5.5 V
Internal high-speed oscillation 4 MHz ± 3% (TA = −40 to+85 °C), 4 MHz ± 2 % (TA = −20 to+70 °C)
Iternal low-speed oscillation 240 kHz ± 10%
General-purpose registers 8 bits × 32 registers (8 bits × 8 registers × 4 banks)
Instruction set 8-bit operation, 16-bit operation
Multiply/divide (8 bits × 8 bits, 16 bits ÷ 8 bits)
Bit manipulate (set, reset, test, and Boolean operation)
BCD adjust, etc.
I/O ports (total) 16
CMOS input 1
16 bits (TMO) 1 ch(PPG output:1,capture input:2)
8 bits (TM5) 1 ch
8 bits (TMH) 1 ch(PWM output:1)
Watchdog (WDT) 1 ch
Serial interface UART 1 ch
8-bit A/D converter
AVREF = 2.7 to 5.5 V
5 ch
Operational amplifier
(Products with operational amplifier)
2 ch (VDD = 2.2 to 5.5 V)
Comparator 1 ch
Vectored interrupt Internal sources External 3
Internal 8
Reset Reset using RESET pin
Internal reset by watchdog timer
Internal reset by power-on-clear
Internal reset by low-voltage detector
On-chip debug function Provided
Power supply voltage VDD = 2.7 to 5.5 V
Operating ambient temperature TA = –40 to +85°C
20-pin plastic SSOP (7.62 mm (300))

Key Applications

Smoke, fire detector, accessory household appliance.

Product Lineup

Document Part No Program Memory
Operating Voltage Min
Package Code Production
Packing /Lead Free Order Part No
PDF UPD79F07023MC-CAA-AX 8 512 2.7 PLSP0020JC-B
20-pin plastic
Mass production
Tray/Lead free
UPD79F7024MC-CAA-AX 16 768 UPD79F7024MC-CAA-AX
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