Renesas' half duplex and full duplex RS-485/RS-422 transceivers are available in a variety of speed grades to address any application needing reliable data transmission over twisted pair wiring.

Features of the Renesas' RS-485/RS-422 Products

  • A line-up of various products, according to the needs of the system
    • High-speed communication support(~40Mbps)
    • PROFIBUS® support
    • Isolated products
    • 125 °C operation
  • Highest levels of noise tolerance and ESD protection


Standard RS-485/RS-422

Transmitters, receivers and transceivers designed for low operating voltages

RS-485/422 with Overvoltage Protection

Fault-protected transceivers for robust fault tolerance and high performance

RS-485/422 with Enhanced ESD Protection

Enhanced ESD protected transceivers designed for harsh environments


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