This solution combines the Renesas RZ/V2M vision AI microprocessor unit (MPU) and the Syntiant Co. NDP120 low-power multimodal, multi-feature Neural Decision Processor™ (NDP) to deliver advanced voice and image processing capabilities.

The joint solution features always-on functionality with quick voice-triggered activation from standby mode to perform object recognition, facial recognition, and other vision-based tasks that are critical functions in security cameras and other systems. For example, while user-defined voice cues drive activation and system operation, vision AI recognition tracks operator behavior and controls operation or issues a warning when suspicious actions are detected.

System Benefits​:

  • The multimodal architecture makes it easier to create contactless user experiences for vision AI-based systems.
  • Using a dedicated, power-efficient chip for voice recognition reduces standby power consumption while speeding.
  • Up system development, because it is possible to develop software independently of the vision AI functionality.
  • Built-in power sequencing control of RZ/V2M makes power supply design easier and improves reliability.
  • High-performance Wi-Fi 5 and compact and high-performance Bluetooth® Low Energy module.




  • Surveillance security
  • Office automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics