The ISL9105EVAL1Z, ISL9106EVAL1Z, ISL9107EVAL1Z, and ISL9108EVAL1Z provide a complete evaluation kit for the ISL9105, ISL9106, ISL9107, and ISL9108 1.6MHz switching frequency, low quiescent current, high-efficiency integrated step-down regulators.

The ISL9105 is capable of delivering up to 600mA output current with an output voltage range of 0.8V to ~VIN, the ISL9106 up to 1.2A output current with an output voltage range of 0.8V to ~VIN, and the ISL9107/ISL9108 up to 1.5A output current with an output voltage range from 0.8V to ~VIN. The ISL9108, ISL9107 also offers a typical 215ms power-good (PG) timer when powered up. This timer output can be reset by RSI.


  • Convenient jumpers for enable/disable, operation mode selection
  • Integrated synchronous buck regulator with high efficiency
  • 600mA (ISL9105), 1.2A (ISL9106) and 1.5A (ISL9107/8) guaranteed output current
  • 25µA (ISL9105) and 17µA (ISL9106/7/8) quiescent supply current in skip (low IQ) mode


  • Single Li-ion battery powered equipment
  • DSP core power
  • PDAs and Palmtops

Documentation & Downloads

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
Datasheets & Errata
ISL9107, ISL9108 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 724 KB
ISL9105 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 922 KB
ISL9106 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 751 KB
User Guides & Manuals
ISL9107EVAL1Z, ISL9108EVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 317 KB
ISL9105EVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 807 KB
ISL9106EVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 323 KB