The ISL8036DUALEVAL1Z and ISL8036ADUALEVAL1Z evaluation boards are intended for use by individuals with requirements for point-of-load (POL) applications sourcing from 2.85V to 6V. These evaluation boards are used to demonstrate the performance of the ISL8036/ISL8036A low quiescent current mode converters.

The ISL8036 and ISL8036A are integrated power controllers rated for dual 3A output current or current sharing operation with a 1MHz (ISL8036)/2.5MHz (ISL8036A) step-down regulator, which is ideal for any low power low-voltage applications. The channels are 180° out-of-phase for input RMS current and EMI reduction. They are optimized for generating low output voltages down to 0.8V each.


  • Switching frequency: 2.5MHz (ISL8036A) and 1MHz ISL8036
  • Dual 3A high-efficiency synchronous buck regulator with up to 95% efficiency
  • 180° out-of-phase providing low output noise
  • Power-good (PG) output with 1ms delay
  • 2.85V to 6V supply voltage
  • 2% output accuracy over temperature/load/line
  • Start-up with pre-biased output
  • Externally adjustable soft-start time
  • Soft-stop output discharge during disabled
  • External synchronization up to 6MHz
  • Typical 8µA logic controlled shutdown current
  • 100% maximum duty cycle for lowest dropout
  • External current mode compensation
  • Peak current limiting, hiccup mode short circuit protection and over-temperature protection
  • Negative current detection and protection


  • DC/DC POL modules
  • µC/µP, FPGA and DSP power
  • Plug-in DC/DC modules for routers and switchers
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Li-ion battery power devices
  • Barcode reader

Documentation & Downloads

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User Guides & Manuals
ISL8036ADUALEVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 945 KB
ISL8036DUALEVAL1Z User Guide Manual PDF 945 KB
ISL8036DUALEVAL1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 255 KB
ISL8036ADUALEVAL1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 255 KB