The ISL6271AEVAL1 evaluation board provides a means to explore and validate the functional capabilities of the ISL6271A XScale® regulator. The ISL6271A is a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) designed to provide the low-voltage requirements for the Intel® Bulverde XScale processor.

The ISL6271A is a versatile PMIC designed for the XScale type of processors. The device integrates three regulators, two fault indicators and an I2C bus for communication with a host microprocessor. Two of the three regulators function as low power, low drop out regulators, designed to power SRAM and phase-lock loop circuitry internal to the XScale processor. The third regulator uses a proprietary switch-mode topology to power the processor core and facilitate dynamic voltage management (DVM), as defined by Intel.


  • Intuitive layout flow with strapping options
  • Left-to-right flow of input-to-output
  • LED indicator functions
  • Transient load-generator
  • Cabling is provided
  • Core regulator output controlled by an externally connected I2C interface module (provided) or on-board static VID switches


  • PDAs
  • Cell phones
  • Tablet devices
  • Embedded processors

Documentation & Downloads

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User Guides & Manuals
ISL6271AEVAL1 User Guide Manual PDF 1.07 MB
ISL6271A Design Software Installer Library ZIP 1.13 MB
ISL6271AEVAL1 Gerber Files Design File ZIP 46 KB