The ISL5585EVAL4 evaluation board provides a complete PCM to 2W ringing SLIC/CODEC line card for the evaluation of the RSLIC18 family of 5V and 3.3V ringing SLICs (RSLIC). The evaluation board is designed to accommodate both the HC55185 5V and the ISL5585 3.3V and includes companion 5V and 3.3V CODECs from Winbond.

The 3.3V family of ringing subscriber line interface circuits (SLIC) supports analog plain old telephone service (POTS) in short and medium loop length, wireless and wireline voice over broadband applications. Ideally suited for customer premise equipment, this family of products offers flexibility to designers with high ringing voltage and low power consumption system requirements.


  • Complete A-D and D-A evaluation of the RSLIC - CODEC chip-set
  • Capable of direct connection to an external PCM bus, or to a PCM4 for measurement
  • Includes an on-board oscillator/counter
    • Implement a full-duplex A-A evaluation system
  • Supported telephony BORSCHT functions:
    • Battery feed including DC loop feed and current limit
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Ring signal amplification and 2W injection
    • Loop supervision including loop start, ground start and ring trip
    • CODEC analog to PCM transmission with selectable A-law and mu-law coding
    • Jumper selectable AC and hybrid gain compensation for the user's choice of the 5V or 3.3V SLIC/CODEC chip-sets
    • Digital and analog loopback


  • Short loop access platforms
  • Voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
  • Voice over cable and DSL modems
  • Internet protocol PBX
  • Fiber to the home (FTTH)
  • Remote subscriber units
  • Ethernet terminal adapters

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