The ISL54100AHDMI-EVALZ (4:1) and ISL54105ACRZ-EVALZ (1:1) high-performance TMDS signal multiplexer/regenerator/retimer evaluation kits are used to evaluate the ISL54100A and ISL54105A TMDS regenerators.

The high performance TMDS (transition minimized differential signaling) ISL54100A timing regenerator and multiplexer and ISL54105A timing regenerator contain a programmable equalizer and a clock data recovery (CDR) function for each of the three TMDS pairs in an HDMI or DVI signal.

The TMDS data outputs of the ISL54100A and ISL54105A are regenerated and perfectly aligned to the regenerated TMDS clock signal, creating an extremely clean, low-jitter DVI/HDMI signal that can be easily decoded by any TMDS receiver.


  • Clock data recovery and retiming
  • Programmable pre-emphasis on output driver
  • Channel activity detect based on input TMDS clock activity
  • Programmable internal 50ohm, 100ohm or high-Z termination
  • Stand-alone or I2C software-controlled operation
  • Hardware, software or automatic channel selection
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)


  • KVM switches (ISL54100A)
  • A/V receivers (ISL54100A)
  • DVI/HDMI extenders
  • Televisions/PC monitors/Projectors

Documentation & Downloads

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User Guides & Manuals
ISL54100AHDMI-EVALZ, ISL54105ACRZ-EVALZ User Guide Manual PDF 2.47 MB
ISL54105ACRZ-EVALZ Design Files Design File ZIP 474 KB
ISL54105ACRZ-EVALZ Evaluation Software for boards marked 'HID' Library ZIP 468 KB
ISL54100AHDMI-EVALZ Design Files Design File ZIP 508 KB