The ISL5314EVAL2 provides a means of evaluating the ISL5314, 125MSPS, direct digital synthesizer (DDS). The board is controlled with software that allows for any clock frequency and output frequency within the abilities of the ISL5314 to be evaluated. The interface between the PC and the evaluation board is via the parallel port of an IBM compatible PC. The analog output of the DDS can be analyzed on external measuring equipment; typically either a spectrum analyzer or an oscilloscope. The clock source for the DDS can either be a user-changeable crystal or an external signal generator provided through an SMA connector.

The board is shipped with a 125MSPS crystal. The complementary analog outputs of the DDS are processed through a 1:1 transformer. The board can be reconfigured to bypass the transformer and only a single-ended output used. Because there is an on-chip comparator, the means to process the analog sine wave from the DDS output into the comparator inputs is provided for square wave generation. The comparator's output is provided via an SMA connector.


  • GUI software control via parallel port
  • Clock: On-board crystal socket or externally applied
  • 1:1 RF transformer for analog output


  • Programmable local oscillator
  • FSK, PSK modulation
  • Direct digital synthesis
  • Clock generation

Documentation & Downloads

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User Guides & Manuals
ISL5314EVAL2 User Guide Manual PDF 234 KB
ISL5314 Evaluation Board Layout Files Design File PDF 703 KB
ISL5314 Evaluation Board Schematic Files Design File PDF 334 KB