The ISL51002-EVALZ evaluation board is used to evaluate the ISL51002 10-bit video analog front-end (AFE).

The ISL51002 3-channel, 10-bit analog front-end (AFE) contains all the functionality needed to digitize analog YPbPr video from HDTV tuners, set-top boxes, SD and HD DVDs, as well as RGB graphics signals from personal computers and workstations. The fourth generation analog design delivers 10-bit performance and a 165MSPS maximum conversion rate supporting resolutions up to 1080p/UXGA at 60Hz. The front-end's programmable input bandwidth ensures sharp, low noise images at all resolutions.

To accelerate and simplify mode detection, the ISL51002 integrates a sophisticated set of measurement tools that fully characterizes the video signal and timing, offloading the host microcontroller. Automatic Black Level Compensation (ABLC™) eliminates part-to-part offset variation, ensuring perfect black level performance in every application.


  • Automatic sampling phase adjustment
  • 10-bit triple analog to digital converters with oversampling up to 8x in video modes
  • 165MSPS maximum conversion rate (ISL51002CQZ-165)
  • Robust, glitchless Macrovision®-compliant sync separator
  • Analog VCR "Trick Mode" support
  • ABLC for perfect black level performance
  • 3-channel input multiplexer
  • Precision sync timing measurement
  • RGB to YUV color space converter
  • Low PLL clock jitter (250ps p-p)
  • Programmable input bandwidth (10MHz to 450MHz)
  • 64 inter-pixel sampling positions
  • ±6dB gain adjustment rate
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)


  • Flat panel TVs
  • Front/Rear projection TVs
  • PC LCD monitors and projectors
  • High quality scan converters
  • Video/Graphics processing