Renesas low-power microcontroller, the RL78/G22, has achieved the world's highest ULPMark™-PP score!

Apr 7, 2023
Masashi Takemura, Staff Application Engineer

Renesas RA and RX MCUs offer a comprehensive ecosystem enabling users to effortlessly connect to their preferred cloud services.

Apr 6, 2023
Sree Amirapu, Staff Technology Engineer

This is a document that provides explanations for frequently asked questions related to the hardware manual of the RX MCU. It will deepen your understanding of the hardware manual.

Apr 6, 2023
Kenji Ozeki, IoT Product Marketing

This blog presents a discussion on the various indoor air quality standards in the marketplace today and Renesas' approach.

Apr 4, 2023
Christian Meyer, Senior Manager, Applications

GreenPAK's Go Configure designer tool is available over Lab on the Cloud, where users can create several designs, simulate them and test them live by emulating the physical board connected online.

Apr 3, 2023
Rishi Kumar, Staff Engineer

As the RISC-V platform continues to gain interest and momentum, Renesas RISC-V ASSP devices lower the barriers to entry with turnkey reference solutions for quick time to market.

Mar 30, 2023
Giancarlo Parodi, Principal Product Marketing Engineer

Blog discussing major trends influencing the MCU landscape, such as AI implementation and how Renesas is enabling customers to embrace the ease that cloud-based design platforms offer.

Mar 29, 2023
Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President of the MCU Business Division in Renesas’ IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit

The RX family of 32-bit MCUs was developed so that users can develop applications with less or no coding. This blog introduces products with cellular connectivity.

Mar 28, 2023
Hiroki Ishiguro, Senior Principal Engineer

The RA6M5-based industrial manipulator demo is a simple way to implement micro-ROS based robotics control to simplify the robotics design process.

Mar 27, 2023
Kayoko Nemoto, Senior Staff Marketing Specialist

An overview of the operation and benefits to motor control applications with the new 16-bit hybrid Noise-Shaping successive approximation ADC options in RA6T2 MCUs.

Mar 22, 2023
Naoki Abe, Principal Specialist