Daryl Khoo
Vice President

Last year, my team and I kickoff a series of celebrative campaigns to commemorate Renesas 32-bit RX MCU family on its 10th anniversary. Let me take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks to the team and collaborations to make each campaign a great success.

Looking back to when RX was first launch as the successor combining best of the best MCU DNA resulted from Hitachi, Mitsubishi, NEC merger; the SuperH, M16/32C, V850, were star products then, it was really exciting for me to be involved in Renesas China and challenge how to introduce RX to China market/customers; and today RX powers most leading major inverter home appliances. RX has developed its own value and continues a steady growing customers/fans worldwide.

In present day, while my team and I are tackling challenges of productizing a growing portfolio of RA arm Cortex-M based MCU; and more recently undertake RISC-V ASSP products as our next challenge. RX remains a cornerstone to Renesas value as a leading MCU vendor; and to Renesas 32-bit portfolio with the most extensive offering that now includes it’s 3rd generation CPU core, RXv3. The 10th Anniversary campaigns (Wireless Connectivity, Motor Control/FuSa, HMI, Security) highlight the strengths and value that RX will continue to deliver to our customers.

RX is 10-year young now. As I project in my mind where RX will be in coming year 2030, 2040; I see a sparkling bright future. Let me share why. Firstly, RX stands for Renesas Xtreme which symbolized the dynamic and exhibit great passion of a dedicated team of Renesas folks, who are highly committed to delivering RX tremendous competitive promise; helping our customers to find better and differentiated solutions. Although arm CPU has played to its market strength, RX has kept on growing a steady stream of ardent customers. Thirdly, the RX roadmap continues to expand, my team and I are now embarking on the next journey to expand RX taking advantages of advanced process node for lower power and more integration; and develop new proposition targeting, safety, IoT connectivity and security, and in near future AI enabled RX. I also foresee RX will not only remain as a single core but in future multi-core market demands as performance trajectory accelerates. 

Today, RX is the workhorse in mostly end node applications, tackles performance hungry applications easily. In future, super smart RX MCU would also entail automatically ensuring secured connectivity to cloud and be able to man machine-to-machine communication networks sensing with functional safety delivering high reliability and take full advantage of embedded AI. I’m excited to see RX shipment forecasts reaching its first billionth pieces milestone soon and to bring the next generation RX devices and solutions to the market.

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