Laurence McGarry
Product Marketing Director, Wireless Power Division

What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas.

Over the last several years, we have seen the rapid adoption of magnetic induction, wireless charging based on the WPC Qi standard. From smartphones and smart accessories to the wireless charging transmitters for homes, offices and cars – we have witnessed the early expansion of Qi wireless charging and the transition to mainstream adoption. As always, CES in Las Vegas promises to showcase the latest and greatest wireless power-enabled devices headed our way in 2020 and beyond. 

In the Renesas Wireless Power Division, we are building on the IDT history of innovation and continuing to lead the charge in fast charging wireless power. We will have the industry’s leading experts onhand to demonstrate the latest wireless power technology and product releases. Here is a sneak peek at our 2020 vision and the 5 key trends we predict will continue to accelerate adoption:  

  • Renesas has pioneered Smartphone Fast Charging to maximize user convenience and minimize dwell time. At CES, we will demonstrate power levels of 30W and above – combined with the latest in cooling technology. 
  • At Renesas, we see 2020 as the year when wireless charging adoption migrates from the exclusive domain of the premium smartphones to adoption in the mid-range. This will be another tipping point in the adoption cycle and will spur growth in the transmitter ecosystem. Renesas has a complete range of wireless power receivers and transmitters that cater to applications from high end to cost sensitive. 
  • The new Qi specification will release in 2020 requiring transmitters be authenticated by receivers (or smart wireless charging devices) before charging at higher power levels. The Renesas team is available at CES to answer any questions and to demonstrate our latest devices equipped for the authentication challenge. We believe that the new Qi specification will have a major impact on the industry and will allow users to charge their devices safely and confidently. 
  • The automotive market forms the cornerstone of the wireless charging ecosystem – providing users with the convenience of wireless charging as they travel between destinations. Traditionally, this market has been more conservative and slower to adopt new technologies. However, wireless charging appears to be bucking the trend with over 150 models already adopting the feature as either a standard or added option. This adoption has not been limited just to premium models but has already become commonplace in mid-range cars. Despite predictions of a challenging year for the global automotive market, we predict strong growth in automotive wireless charging both as an embedded product and an after-market accessory. 
  • In 2019, Renesas went big on WattShareTM technology – the ability to wirelessly charge smart accessories with smartphones – and saw adoption from several major smartphone manufacturers. 2020 promises to see even more use of WattShare power sharing technology which will drive broader adoption in the mass market from consumer to industrial applications. Our turnkey reference kits have already accelerated adoption in applications from earbud and hearing aid charging cases to industrial scanners and POS systems. At Renesas, we see 2020 as the pivotal year for broader adoption of wireless charging into more consumer and industrial devices beyond the smartphone. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas. 

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30W Fast Charging

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