Renesas + Dialog: Driving Tomorrow’s Technology Today

With the acquisition of Dialog Semiconductor by Renesas, our customers now have access to many new and complementary devices to the existing Renesas product portfolio. On top of the many outstanding products Dialog makes we will now add ultra-low power connectivity solutions to the mix. Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE/Wi-Fi combo devices from Dialog allow you to easily connect your IoT system to your smartphone, an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and so much more. And to simplify the integration of Renesas + Dialog technology, Renesas’ Quick-Connect platform makes it easy to quickly use Dialog hardware and software solutions with existing Renesas products.

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We offer comprehensive full-system solutions, featuring Winning Combinations of devices across our embedded processing, power, analog, and connectivity portfolios, to meet your application needs. With these engineering-vetted designs, you can take advantage of an elevated platform for your design ideas, accelerate your product development cycle, and lower overall risk to bring your designs to market.

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