Spartan®-7 devices are the newest addition to the Xilinx® cost-optimized portfolio, offering best performance per watt, along with small form factor packaging. These devices feature a MicroBlaze™ soft processor running over 200 DMIPs with 800Mb/s DDR3 support built on 28nm technology. Additionally, Spartan-7 devices offer an integrated ADC, dedicated security features on all commercial devices. These devices are ideally suited for industrial, consumer, and automotive applications, including any-to-any connectivity, sensor fusion, and embedded vision.

This winning combination highlights the power devices on the reference board for the Xilinx Spartan®-7 family.  

Visit the Spartan-7 power solutions page to learn more.

Key Features:

  •  Pre-programmed PMICs specifically designed to meet this use case and provide flexible power solutions
  •  Four use cases shown in the link provided

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